Mindfulness and Meditation

Mindfulness is act of noticing in this particular moment, on purpose, without judgement.

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Being mindful allows you to be present in this very moment. In moments of time travel our thoughts can hook us and take us on a journey either into the unchangeable past or the unpredictable future and we can be swept away by the oceans of emotions. By creating an awareness of what is happening right here in this very moment, we can untangle from the emotions/thoughts/to do lists allowing our bodies to drop into a more settled, less anxious state. Regularly practised, the ability to draw on this ‘in the moment’ presence can occur faster and the blissful state of peace and calm lasts longer.

Meditation is a state of peace where we again bring our awareness of being here. Through Mindful Meditation, we pay attention, on purpose to one or all of our senses. Breath is generally the anchor that can come back to with ease, time and time again and is used to elicit the calm, peaceful state.
This can be received online or in person in my Burleigh clinic.

Please allow 1 hour for this appointment.

Keep an eye out for online meditation programs. The next one is coming soon.

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