Hypnotherapy & Menopause

A New Approach

Hypnotherapy creates a focused state of attention which can help you access your own inner resources to achieve the outcomes you desire. The hypnotic state is a dream like state with deep relaxation. It is in this place that the conscious, judgemental mind can be silenced. When this happens, the unconscious mind (subconscious) is open and available to receive. Long-held, no longer relevant thoughts, behaviours and limiting beliefs can be replaced with new more helpful and healthy patterns. And with your undivided attention, the changes can be immediate.

During the Hypnotherapy session, you remain in a deep relaxed state and yet totally in control. You may fall into a sleep and yet still have control to take on or reject any part of the therapy. You may visualise, see colours, patterns or just imagine different scenarios. These are all perfectly natural and how your unconscious mind choses to interpret and take on the hypnosis.
Benefits of Hypnotherapy:
  • Reducing Hot Flashes and Night Sweats
  • Managing Anxiety and Mood Swings
  • Improving Sleep Quality
  • Enhancing Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
  • Improving Coping Strategies to reduce the effects of Stress
  • Manage Pain and Discomfort

Unparalleled Experience

Liane Wild

Integrated Well-Being Specialist


Women's Health & Well-Being, Menopause, Pain Management


Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Applied Psychotherapy


In my clients words…

Entering menopause brought numerous physical and mental changes, leading to a sense of helplessness. Despite my background as a Personal Trainer and Wellness coach, my efforts failed to alleviate the symptoms, prompting me to seek help from Liane, a trusted hypnotherapist. Skeptical initially, our sessions revealed hidden blockages, resulting in profound realizations and ongoing positive effects, making Liane a highly recommended resource for anyone undergoing similar challenges.

Marian M.

Following my recent knee replacement surgery, I endured intense pain between pain medication doses. Liane helped me attain deep peace, guiding me to realize I could control my pain experience. With her soothing voice and an audio recording she provided, I can now enter a deeply relaxed state, effectively managing pain in any part of my body.

Fay J.

For a long time, I was struggling to find the real me. I was unhappy, disillusioned with life and fighting what I was feeling. Liane with her calming influence and Hypnotherapy offered me hope that I could make the changes necessary to again enjoy my life and pursue interests which were deeply buried and ignored. With the help of Hypnotherapy in a safe comfortable environment I was able to acknowledge what I was feeling and implement changes that needed to be made. This self-discovery is not always easy but with continuous support from Liane I am on my way.

Heike W.

Liane's hypnotherapy took me to a different world. Her soothing voice and peaceful scenarios uncovered forgotten areas of my life. Her calming approach introduced new ideas and perspectives. Thank you so much

Sharon F.